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Ujung Genteng Beach

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Ujung Genteng is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches on the planet, and may be the Sukabumi area’s best kept secret. Snorkeling is fantastic, with clear waters and beautiful coral. Go to the fish market, where you can choose any kind of freshly caught seafood you could possibly imagine, including live lobster, snapper, king prawns, shrimp, mussels, scallops, oysters, etc. A restaurant across the street from the market will barbecue your catch in the most succulent seasonings you’ve ever tasted.




The beaches of Ujung Genteng come together in a point so you can actually watch the sun rise on one side and set on the other. These sunrises and sunsets are nothing short of stupendous. There are also the ruins of an old Japanese fort on one of the beach areas, set amidst white, powdery sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters.



The beach is so unspoilt you can often see cattle and goats roving up and down the sand, though only in a few places; there are still plenty of areas on the beach where you can enjoy the sun & surf with absolutely nothing traipsing past to disturb you. The area has yet to become overcrowded, so you can enjoy a genuinely tranquil scene without all the annoying hawkers  that you would generally imagine on an Indonesian beach. This is a "hawker-free" zone.



The sightseeing in the area around Ujung Genteng is stupendous as well. Nearby Ujung Genteng are a sea turtle preserve, where you can watch the sea turtles lay eggs on the beach at night,  several delightful waterfalls, and  Ombak Tujuh (Seven Waves) surfing resort.


Many of the images on this page have been generously provided by Petrus Suryadi. For more information on Ujung Genteng please visit Petrus' fantastic site at The website is in Indonesian, but the images are fantastic. To view an impressive collection of images click on "tempat menarik" (interesting places) on the navigation bar.


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